A country tourism website




Peru country tourism website was my first project built on basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Based on the project requirement, it was first built for desktop and later refactored to be responsive. using CSS flexbox, image sourceset, and hamburger menu.

The website features eye-catching images and simple layout to highlight the history and the beauty of Peru.

Planning Process

I chose to start with a simple hand-drawn wire frame for this project. The website had a recurring theme on each page that starts with a full-width and full-height background image and section title that jumps to the section content when clicked. The wire frame helped me crate a consistent style and layout on all pages on the site in the actual development process.

Peru hand-drawn wireframes Peru hand-drawn wireframes

Colour Palette




I chose rustic colours and font to highlight the rich history and ancient civilization of Peru. With an accent colour and a combination of high-resolution images, I tried to create an visually appealing experience for the users.


Peru Project desktop home page screenshot Peru Project desktop about page screenshot Peru Project desktop attractions page screenshot Peru Project desktop plan your trip page screenshot


Peru Project mobile hamburger menu screenshot
Peru Project attractions description screenshot
Peru Project mobile about section screenshot